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Sport & PE Premium 2015-16

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Sport & PE Premium 2014-15

What is the Sport & PE Premium?

The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.  The Government is spending over  £450 million on this funding over the 3 academic years 2013 to 2014, 2014 to 2015 and 2015 to 2016. Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £8,000 and an additional payment of £5 per pupil.  The total Pupil Premium allocated to BPSP for 20142015 is £11,650.

What can we spend this money on?

Schools are free to consider how best to use this funding to enhance the provision for sport and PE at the school.  We believe that competition, both within the school and against other schools is an essential part of our school ethos. To that end, we have invested heavily in the use of qualified and experienced external coaches to give the children the benefit of high quality sports coaching and the provision of extra-curricular clubs. The same coaches, provided by Coach Adrian’s Sports Academy (CASA), frequently accompany children to sports fixtures and festivals; they have become essential partners to our school. 

What was the impact of the Sport & PE Premium last year?

  • Improved quality of teaching in games lessons for all children. 
  • Increased number of after school sporting opportunities for children. 
  • Increased attendance at after school clubs. For example, the tennis and dance clubs both run twice a week to accommodate the volume of children interested.
  • Popular Sports Leader programme in Year 6.
  • PESPA Active Leadershipmark – Bronze.
  • PESPA Active Sportsmark – Silver.
  • Sainsbury’s School Games Mark - Bronze
  • Successful participation in a number of local and regional competitive events including:
  • Winners of School Games Sailing County Final
  • Bronze medal winners Indoor Athletics County Final
  • Bronze medal winners Quadkids (Athletics) County Final


Sport & PE Premium spending 2014/15



Why choose this strategy?

What is the cost?

Employing professional, experienced and well qualified sports coaches to deliver Games lessons to all children during curriculum time – competitive team games, attacking/defending games and athletics.

All children at our school have two PE/sport lessons every week.  One of them is largely related to gymnastics and dance.  The other – the ‘Games’ lesson – covers attacking/defending/team games as well as track and field events.  By utilising specialist external sports coaches, we are able to provide our children with games lessons that equip them with the necessary skills which they can apply to the various sporting activities. Our partnership with these coaches has also led to significantly increased sporting opportunities for children outside of normal school hours. 


Employing professional tennis coaches from the neighbouring local tennis club.

The school borders the East Dorset Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, a highly regarded and reputable organization.  Each class benefits from a tennis coach from this club once a week through the autumn and spring term.  These sessions are held on the courts at the tennis club.  These sessions give all children access to high quality, professional tennis coaching.   Consequently, many children join the additional after school tennis clubs, of which there are two each week. 


Attending local and regional fixtures and festivals.  Key teaching staff, sports coaches and minibus drivers are provided to accompany these fixtures and coach children in their events.

This enables the school to participate in a large number of events from a large number of disciplines.  Last year, the school competed in running, football, swimming, sailing and cricket events. 


Continued professional development opportunities for school staff.

Providing staff access to CPD ensures that our own staff skills are constantly renewed and refreshed.  Recent CPD includes training sessions related to Bronze Ambassadors and the Change for Life Club.



Total: £19,590